Dory Fillet

  • Dory Fillet, also know as Sutchi Fillet or Pangasius Hypophthalmus, are commonly used for fish and chips, fish dishes that requires the fish slices to be coated and fried before serving.

  • Dory Fillet comes with difference specification, including different percentage (%) of glazing, i.e. 10%, 15%, 20%, etc…), and also different ‘cleanliness’, such as;
    - Well trimmed
    – fats and blood vessel removed
    - Fats off 
    – leaving the blood vessel on
    - Bloodline off 
    – leaving the fats on.

  • Besides the two different categories, Dory fillet also comes in various qualities, i.e. White meat, Pink meat, Yellow meat and grades in between.

  • Thus, with different combination of Dory Fillet qualities, Glazing percentage and ‘cleanliness’, the price can varies by much.


- 1kg x 10pkts (170-225g per piece) – 20% Glazing, well-trimmed
- 1kg x 10pkts (225g and up per piece) – 20% Glazing, well-trimmed
- 800g x 12pkts (Mixed sizes) 
- 2.5kg x 4pkts (225g and up per piece)

Skin-on and bone-in dory fish for those who prefer more fish tastes.


Packing: 1kg x 10pkts
Barcode: 8936044160238

Dory Steak

Salmon Fillet

With the state of the art feezing technology, it is possible to preseve the freshnessof these salmon fillets.

Squid Tube

Cleaned for easy preparationsuch as baked, fried, grilled or sautéed. These squid tubes are firm, tender and white.


Packing: 1kg x 10pkts

Squid Ring

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Packing: 1kg x 10pkts

New Zealand Half Shell Mussels

Packing: 2lbs per box (907g)

Prawn Meat

Packing: 700g x 6pkts

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