EB Frozen Food Sdn Bhd offers the latest tantalising and delicious surimi-based products. It differentiates itself from other surimi-based products by complementing and augmenting its series with premium bean curd skin. The flavour and fragrance of its superior bean curd skin make these very exciting premium products unmatchable in the market.

Cheese Tofu

Packing: 500g x 20pkt

Barcode: 9555573001134

Fish Sandwich

Packing: 500g x 20pkt

Barcode: 9555573001332

Seafood Tofu

Packing: 500g x 20pkt

Barcode: 9555573001325

Packing: 500g x 20pkt

Barcode: 9555573001394

Fish Tofu

Seaweed Yuba

Packing: 500g x 20pkt

Barcode: 9555573001400

Seafood Bean Curd Roll

Packing: 300g x 30pkt

Barcode: 9555573001080

Fish And Yuba

Packing: 300g x 30pkt

Barcode: 9555573001165

Fish Bean Curd Roll

Packing: 300g x 30pkt

Barcode: 9555573001134

Mushroom Fish Ball

Packing: 500g x 20pkt

Barcode: 9555894500194

Lobster Ball

Packing: 500g x 20pkt

Barcode: 9555573001387

Crab Nugget

Packing: 500g x 20pkt

Barcode: 9555894500484

Seafood Fried Wonton

Packing: 700g x 12pkt

Barcode: 9555894500767

Packing: 500g x 20pkt

Barcode: 9555573001479

Fish Chip

Packing: 500g x 20pkt

Barcode: 9555894500606


Fish Finger

Packing: 500g x 20pkt

Barcode: 9555573001493

Cheese Fingers

Packing: 500g x 20pkt

Barcode: 9555894500170

Crab Stick Roll

Packing: 380g x 30pkt

Barcode: 9555573001202

Fish & Soy

Packing: 300g x 20pkt

Barcode: 9555894500125

Colour Roll

Packing: 920g x 12pkt

Barcode: 9555894501573

QQ Fresh Soy Stick


Packing: 500g x 12pkt

Barcode: 9555573000083

Ring Roll

Packing: 120g x 24pkt

Barcode: 9555573002674

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